The Constant Sexual Assault on Men Today

15 11 2010

Virtually everywhere in the animal kingdom it’s a given and accepted fact that female members enter a heat period where sexual activity rockets, they send out signals and pheromones designed to arouse males and initaite reproduction. It’s Nature’s way of ensuring the species continues to persist. Call it God’s will, or the way we evolved, whatever you’d like to believe. We know estrus happens everywhere in the animal kingdom.

However, when it comes to humans, it’s considered sexist and an insult to suggest that human females go into ‘heat’. They ovulate and menstruate, but to suggest that they invite sex when fertile is taboo. For some reason, women refuse to acknowledge that there’s an animal side to them and their sexuality. Men won’t argue that about ourselves. We know we get horny. We know it’s normal, part of the natural order, we accept it.

However, research exists that suggests that women do enter estrus, that they do change their mannerisms to attract males, however subconsciously. To quote this paper (from wayback 2002) :

“recent evidence based on women’s olfactory and visual perception and men’s olfactory perception suggests that women experience recurring periods of increased attractiveness and proceptivity at the periovulatory stage of their menstrual cycle. However, the changes in women’s attractiveness and proceptivity across the menstrual cycle are not as obvious, patent and overt as those displayed by females from other mammalian species.”

Another study :

“For several decades, scholars of human sexuality have almost uniformly assumed that women evolutionarily lost oestrus . . . we argue, this long-standing assumption is wrong.”

They argue that when fertile in their cycles, women are particularly sexually attracted to a variety of male features – scent, rugged looks, gravelly voice – that likely are (or, ancestrally, were) indicators of genetic quality, and more likely to have a fling.

Men, they add in an article in the Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences, “are particularly attracted to some features of fertile-phase women.”

Sure, it’s not outright obvious. But it does, in fact, happen. And we men are, in fact, under sexual assault, as a result, virtually 24 hours a day. Because it’s not accepted that women do enter a ‘heat’ period, and because there are no norms of controlling this, odds are that walking down your street, going to work or just going for a couple drinks – you’re going to come into contact with women who are sending out subconscious ‘fuck me’ vibes, and we’re programmed to pick up on them.

Of course, we’re the bad guys for staring, for trying to pick them up, hell we’ve been conditioned into believing we’re horrible and shallow for simply thinking lewd thoughts. ‘I’m not an object!’ says the fertile bimbo on the dance floor wearing a black dress you could floss with. ‘My eyes are up here!’ demands the office hottie baring enough cleavage to pose for Maxim.

I can’t help but feel, at times, that my more conservative forebears and ancestors had a point with women having to cover up. They’re as human as we are, and need to recognise the fact that they may be sending reproductive signals, even though they aren’t aware of it. We take responsibility for our actions and are increasingly under attack for losing control. The law punishes us harshly for any slip up.  And while outright rape is never justifiable, sometimes getting hauled into a court case for sexual harrassment is ridiculous. Women, seemingly day by day, accept fewer and fewer responsibilities. Everything is heaped on the male.

And I think it’s unfair. It’s not normal to have to go around, every day, trying to consciously avert your eyes. To tell yourself what you’re thinking is wrong all the fucking time. It’s mental abuse, and women are collectively flaunting it, throwing it around and punishing any male who steps out of line. We’re assaulted at every level. Try to watch TV for more than a few minutes at a time without bare skin being shown, from the TV shows themselves to the damned commercials. Take a walk down the street without seeing some female in microshorts. Walk around the office and note how much more skin the average female officeworker exposes – imagine men could come to work wearing the equivalent of shorts and a lowcut t-shirt. Never mind browsing the internet, however innocuously. Nowdays, you’re on Facebook and simply updating your status exposes you to ‘scene girls’ posting pictures of themselves dressed like prostitutes all over the place. You can’t swing a cat on the web without hitting an attention camwhore.

Women sending out the signal, it’s everywhere in society today. It’s being shoved in our faces every single day, all day, all under the pretence that ‘we women can do whatever we want because, unlike you males, we accept no responsibility or consequence for our sexuality… because we aren’t animals. You are‘.

That’s sexist.

But the truth is, ladies, you are just like us. You have animal urges, just like us. And you should be smart enough to accept it. Take responsibility for it. And work around it. Not refuse to acknowledge it.

Ignorance is bliss, but it’s also dangerous.

Please. If you’re female, it’s no excuse to disregard all common sense. You don’t really need to expose yourself to all and sundry. Even if you are good looking, that’s no excuse to parade yourself in front of the world like a piece of meat on sale. Keep it special. Keep it mysterious. There’s a time and a place, so if in doubt, cover up. That’s the human thing to do.




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