Catclysm in T Minus…

6 12 2010

So Cataclysm. Probably the gaming event of the year. Will it suprass the record for fastest selling game ever, a record held by it’s predecessor, Wrath of the Lich King? I suspect that.. yes. It will.

I’ll be picking up my preordered copy in a couple hours.  I suspect blogging will be a little… light as a result.

I’ll be playing my new Tauren priest, and will probably be giving a goblin rogue or possibly hunter a whirl on the side.

To those of you heading into Azeroth – whether the new 80+zones, or as an alt exploring the altered old-world… please remember to surface for air and water and food and other things that you have to do, like work and significant other and kids.

To everyone else… stay away if you value your free time. It’s too late for us. Save yourselves.




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