Bioware : Why have romance in games anyway

28 03 2011

My Dragon Age 2 playthrough is continuing, and as usual I can’t really find much fault with Bioware’s latest. It’s a bit formulaic, but I suppose after playing a slew of Bioware RPG’s you can’t help but notice the repeated formula. Still enjoyable, though how long before it all starts to wear a little thin, I can’t say.

One thing I completely fail to see the point of  : Romance in these games. It was a bit of a novelty back with Mass Effect 1. Controversial, I suppose. But after ME2 and DA:O, and now DA:2, I kind of… don’t get it really.

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Dragon Effect

22 03 2011

It’s always a  big deal when we get our hands on a new Bioware game, and this weekend I was able to get mine on Dragon Age 2.

The question everyone seems to be asking, though, is : Is This Dragon Age?

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