Scott Pilgrim = FLCL

1 12 2010

I saw Scott Pilgrim a few days ago. Was not terribly impressed. I thought it was okay. Maybe the comics are better. I dunno.

Today while thinking back on good anime series, probably one of my favourites popped opped. FLCL. It’s about a guy who develops superpowers, meets a mysterious girl, falls in love with her and has to do impossible battle with insane enemies.  It’s filled with guitars and cartoon violence and pokes at pop and video game culture. Along the way he discovers the meaning of life, love, the universe and everything.

Sounds familiar, right?Blatant  Scott Pilgrim ripoff, right?

Except it was done ten years ago.

FLCL is an amazing anime. The animation quality itself is superb, and it’s short enough (6 episodes) to watch over a weekend without being overwhelmed as per the usual anime marathons. It’s got it all, comedy, action, a great story and the best part, it weaves in a truly poignant, thought provoking and ultimately heart rending story that leaves you breathless. It’s a classic, and an example of the greatness that anime sometimes bestows upon the world (in between the usual bishi drivel)

Hipster kids, do yourselves a favour. Get this. Watch it. Learn to appreciate subtitles. Forget about Scott Pilgrim. This is the comic/movie/whatever that Scott Pilgrim wishes it was.  Who knows, perhaps it was O’Malley’s inspiration… although looking at it now, it seems a hell of a lot more like plagiarism.