iPod. iSoldout.

26 11 2010

So I bought an iPod today. It’s only the new Shuffle, it was pretty cheap and I needed a new mp3 players since losing my old el-cheapo. Did I say losing? I meant since it got affirmitavely redistributed. Anyway.

This is the first Apple product I’ve bought. Ever. I’ve always flat out refused to buy Apple, believing it’s all overpriced hype. But for all the hype and the closed nature of Apple products, they know how to make quality stuff that simply works. This iPod sounds a million times better and clearer than my previous mp3 players. It’s tiny, and it’s built well. It doesn’t feel cheap. The silver metal finish is nice. It looks good. But the kicker has to be how easy and intuitive to use it is. How clever it is. For a little under R500, I get a player with only 2 gigs capacity, sure. But the voiceover functionality is simply awesome. Being able to press a little button and hear my iPod tell me what track or playlist I’m listening to is the shit. The hot shit. I love that.

Apple remains so far ahead of the design curve, it’s quite embarrasing. Everyone continues to play catchup. Example : the new Nanos have touch screens. On a device barely 2 inches across. I mean, that’s just screams cool. I think, if this little Shuffle is any indication of the quality, features, design and ease of use of all of the rest of Apple’s products, I may just have sold my soul to the devil Steve Jobs.