Celebs = Prostitutes

23 11 2010

Just an idle thought while discussing things I don’t care about. One such thing that popped up was the personal lives of celebrities. See, a celebrity is like a prostitute.  You’re paying someone some of your cash to show you a good time for an hour and a half. The only difference is, a prostitute sells her body. A celeb sells his/her soul. Both give you a form of escape from your mundane day-to-day, only difference being one is sex. Well, actually, sometimes celebs sell sex too. The other difference is the scale of the sell-out. A prostitute may screw a couple hundred, maybe thousand people out of their cash over her ‘career’, a celeb is screwing over millions if not more.

Nobody gives a crap about the prostitute after you’ve had your fun and booted the ho out your hotel room though.  Even if she was spectacular – you know you can’t get attached or obsessive because, well, she’s a hooker.

People really need to stop caring about what all these celluloid prostitutes are getting up to.