The Constant Sexual Assault on Men Today

15 11 2010

Virtually everywhere in the animal kingdom it’s a given and accepted fact that female members enter a heat period where sexual activity rockets, they send out signals and pheromones designed to arouse males and initaite reproduction. It’s Nature’s way of ensuring the species continues to persist. Call it God’s will, or the way we evolved, whatever you’d like to believe. We know estrus happens everywhere in the animal kingdom.

However, when it comes to humans, it’s considered sexist and an insult to suggest that human females go into ‘heat’. They ovulate and menstruate, but to suggest that they invite sex when fertile is taboo. For some reason, women refuse to acknowledge that there’s an animal side to them and their sexuality. Men won’t argue that about ourselves. We know we get horny. We know it’s normal, part of the natural order, we accept it.

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